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Summer 2024 trips

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We take teens, young adults, homeschoolers, and military families on field trips to financial institutions.

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Automotive Dealership Store
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TRIP: Open house w/ james

OBJECTIVE: simulate the ​home-buying process

TRIP: Northwestern mutual

OBJECTIVE: becoming an ​entreprenuer

TRIP: SECU | credit union

OBJECTIVE: how to avoid scammers


OBJECTIVE: depreciating assets & pushy salesmen

trip: B.E.P

objective: how money & emotions are connected

About Financial Field Trips

What are Financial Field Trips?

Financial Field Trips bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, making financial concepts relevant for students through trips to car dealerships, Open House events, and career exploration.

Organizational Overview

Financial Field Trips is headquartered in

Baltimore County, MD, offers financial literacy classes virtually and in person, as well as financial education field trips to financial centers.

I can take my child to the bank. How does this trip go beyond teaching students how to use an ATM?

With identify theft on the rise and far more consumers being scammed, this trip dives deeper than protecting your pin at the ATM.

Immersive Learning

Financial Field Trips is unique in its approach to financial education. It doesn't merely simulate financial scenarios for students; instead, it immerses them directly in the world of finance.

Who can go on a field trip?

Anyone who can count 20 one-dollar bills. Homeschoolers, military families, adults, everyone


We partner with organizations and individuals.

What We Do?

We take field trips to financial institutions, breaking down barriers to financial literacy. Our program promotes economic equity by taking members from underserved communities, teaching them personal finance, and connecting their learning to the financial institutions that serve them.




Our mission is to empower individuals with essential tools and hands-on experiences, bridge the gap between theory and practice, and equip young people with the skills needed to navigate and thrive in today's complex financial landscape.

We envision empowering everyone by providing practical, real-world financial education through immersive experiences. We aim to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and thrive in the complex financial landscape of today and tomorrow.

Our values are rooted in inclusivity, innovation, and empowerment, we believe in the power of real-world experiences to build confidence and competence in financial decision-making.


Financial Field Trips Exploration Program Makes a Difference in One's Financial Education Journey

  • Exploring Careers and Entrepreneurship
  • Establishing healthy relationships with banks
  • Lowering loan default rates and car repossessions
  • Increasing housing buying power
  • Fostering an investors mindset
  • Empowering everyone to make better money decisions

Pre-trip scores

Post-trip scores


Nikita Forde

Financial Officer

Jamar M. Pearson

Impact Officer

David “Chap” Loveless

Outreach Coordinator

Whitney Ramirez

Mac Rommel


Pairris Jones


Christa Lewis


Clarissa Jackson


Our Story

Financial Field Trips began with a simple yet powerful idea: to transform the way financial education is delivered. Founded by a ​group of passionate educators and dedicated professionals, we recognized that traditional classroom learning often fell short ​in preparing students for the real-world financial challenges they would face. We wanted to go beyond textbooks and ​simulations, offering a more engaging and impactful approach.

We started by organizing field trips to financial institutions and businesses. These trips were more ​than just educational excursions; they were opportunities for students to interact with ​professionals, ask questions, and gain insights that can't be captured in a classroom setting.

Our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility has been a driving force behind our work. We ​believe that everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, should be able to learn ​and grow financially. This belief has guided us to create programs that are not only informative ​but also engaging and relevant to diverse audiences.

Today, Financial Field Trips is proud to be at the forefront of financial education innovation. We ​continue to explore new ways to connect students with the world of finance, leveraging ​technology and partnerships to enhance our impact. Our story is one of continuous growth and ​unwavering dedication to empowering individuals with the knowledge and experiences they need ​to thrive.

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